Hello, we are Brian and Janelle. 
We live on the Mid North Coast of NSW on 40 acres.
Between Horses and our eight border collies life is never dull.
We enjoy cruising on the BM, dirt riding, trail riding, and love hanging out with the dogs. 

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Jackson was born 7th Nov 2015 to Inca.  8 weeks passed, a healthy sweet natured puppy evolved.
5th Jan, 3 days before his booked flight on 8th  to his new home,   
he appeared limp & lethargic with a temp of 40.5.
He was bathed in Fidos Fre Itch, at least to eliminate Paralysis Tick 
He commenced a course of Antibiotics with a mostly likely cause,  Infection.
Following day temp rose, vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite. 
Injections, series of Xrays, blood test- diagnosis,  possible internal obstruction.  No cause presented itself.
Next came Barium Xrays to  view Barium as it passed through his body.   No blockage was found
Home he came.   His tummy was very swollen, rock hard, he was uncomfortable, diarrhea.  Slept on ice packs to relieve the heat from his tummy.
He had no interest in food, weight fell off.
Over 4 days at 20-30 min intervals,  his diet consisted of syringing liquidified blend of  Marrow sieved from boiled down bones,  to this adding Tumeric, Apple Cider Vinegar & dash Coconut Oil & "Hills" Prescription Diet Digestive Care soaked biscuits.

With temp increase, so so lethargic, diarrhea, he returned on 12th Jan for  Ultrasound.   Diagnosis- tummy full of watery infection.
Prognosis- 'very poor'.   Prepare for the worst.    
High protein, bland diet was recommended to try to work on the infection.
Cooked chicken & white fish were added to his liquid feed.
To drinking water we added "Great Lakes" Pure Protein unflavoured Gelatin and sprinkle of Colostrum powder.  This he liked.  

Following night we added "Vital Greens" powder.   With him spending most of his time lethargic & dozing in our bedroom over the past week, something changed that night.
Throughout the course of the night he played with his Eyeore, throwing him around, pawing his bone across the timber floor.  He didn't sleep a wink & neither did we.
A couple of pieces of chicken & fish were consumed.   The following morning, he again showed no interest in food but syringed feeding continued.
Lunchtime came and again tiny pieces of chicken & fish in marrow were taken.  We had turned a corner.
On the hr small pieces of chicken, white fish, marrow, blended "Vital Greens" and biscuits were given.  Small but regular feeds.  Every few hours we could see a change in his
energy levels and a renewed interest in play time. 
Nearly 2 weeks on,  apart from his shaved belly you wouldnt know he had been so sick.  Same diet is continuing and his swollen belly is finally starting to return to normal. 

Then ........ Sun arvo 17th Jan ....  play time .... Cider, Indie, Cotton & Jackson .... little Cotton squeezes into an 8inch gap under the kitchen cupboards.  Reversing out of the gap,  Rat Pellets  scatter 
across the floor.    Never encountering Rat Bait poisoning before, panic mode, checked Google &  rang the Vet. 
Syringing very very salty water into Cottons mouth she immediately vomits lunch &  Rat Bait Pellets. 
Jackson's next .... 4 times we syringed 5ml of salty water down his throat without a gag.
Cider & Indie both had instant results & fortunately no Pellets appeared.
Loading Cotton & Jackson  in the Ute,  this little guy appeared so stoic after what he'd been through.  
40 minutes later, an injection to induce vomiting was administered.    8 times the little guy puked  & with much relief, no Pellets appeared.
 Vit K tablet twice a day is now added to Cotton's food for the next week to counter the poisoning.

19th Jan.  Both pups today have attacked life headon.  Eating small and regular, plenty of play,  creating havoc around the house.
In a couple of weeks when he is fully recovered,  a new home will be sought for Jackson with the full understanding & appreciation for what he has been through.

Jackson during his convalesing!                   Cotton & Jackson at Play  19th Jan 2016.

6 months on  Jackson, now named "Saxon" is loving life to the full with his new family and best mate, German Shepherd, Karma.
Thank you Kristy and family for taking him into your home and your hearts.  We are most grateful. 


Indie, our ray of sunshine.  Arrawarra Beach 

The Gang after a cross country run